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Window Cleaning

While people can clean their windows on their own, the task can be difficult and you may struggle to really bring the shine out. Cleaning windows from both inside and out is a time consuming activity. You need experience and the know-how to do a good job. It can also be dangerous if you are trying to clean windows at the first floor or higher.

Advantages of Using a Professional Service

Most homeowners and businesses rely on professional cleaners to get a perfect window cleaning job. Using a professional window cleaner for your business property or home gives you three main advantages.

1. Safety is the most important factor. Window cleaning is dangerous, especially for highrise buildings. Cleaners require specialized machinery and equipment such as scissor lifts and safety harnesses to keep them secure. When it comes to window-cleaning, it is best to leave it to professionals.

2. Cleaning windows takes more time than simple vacuuming of the floors or dusting the shelves. Windows need to be cleaned both inside and out. If you have a big property with dozens of windows, it can take the whole day to do a thorough job. Getting a window cleaner in Brussels will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus your work.

3. Window cleaning might look easy, but the process requires careful consideration. Window panes, for instance, need to be cleaned differently than the glas itself. Chemicals or water used during cleaning must be dried off to prevent stains or dust from settling in. Professional cleaners come equipped with the chemicals, tools and the experience that is needed to do a thorough job.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Alina Cleaning Service has an excellent record of providing window cleaning services in Brussels. We have worked with a variety of businesses including retail stores, offices, educational and healthcare institutions and other commercial outlets. We have provided excellent window cleaning services for thousands of clients over the last ten years. Our cleaners also completed many reliable and exceptional cleaning jobs for government buildings and offices in the city. Clean windows are particularly important for businesses that are open to customers. Retail outlets, banks, government offices, fitness centers and restaurants need to make a really good impression on their clients. This is where our trained and experienced cleaners can make a significant difference. Our cleaners go the extra mile for commercial clients to make sure their windows are thoroughly cleaned and spotless. We ensure that cleaners arrive at client premises on time and get the cleaning completed within the designated time period so that your business operations are not disrupted in any way. Call our service (>>contact page) with complete confidence that your building’s window cleaning is done by some of the best professionals in Brussels. We are always open to communicate and ready to listen to your requirements and adjust our contracts based on your business needs.

Residential Window Cleaning

Clean, sparkling windows can be the pride of homeowners while dirty, stained windows can leave them embarrassed. Windows with mud or dust can make even the best of homes lose their perfect touch.There are several benefits to keeping your windows clean. Clean window allow more sunlight into your home during winter when you don’t want to leave them open due to the cold weather. They make the rooms look brighter and improve the ambience. Failing to clean the windows  regularly can also impact the glass. Stains or water spots left on the window-glass can seep inside the molecules and become more difficult to get rid of. Dirt can permanently damage the glass and make it appear duller. We are proud to offer complete window cleaning services for residential properties in Belgium. Our cleaners are experienced and trained to do a thorough job for residential homes, completely to the client’s satisfaction.

Why Choose Alina Cleaning Services

✔ We closely work with our clients and regula communicate with them to ensure that they are satisfied with our services.
✔ We offer flexible window cleaning contracts for clients that can be adjusted to their requirements.
✔ We offer one of the most competitive cleaning service rates in Brussels.
✔ We have an experienced and professional cleaning service. Our company has been operating for more than 10 years.
✔ We guarantee that our cleaners will do a spotless window cleaning job for you that will leave you 100% satisfied.
✔ Our window cleaners are fully experienced and they can work with minimum supervision while still doing a thorough job every time.
✔ Our cleaners will visit your premises with all the necessary tools, chemicals and equipment and you don’t need to worry about a thing.
✔ All our professionals are pre-screened with background checks and have IDs with them. Our cleaners are responsible and trusted by many businesses and property owners