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Residential Cleaning Services

Cleaning your home can be a big chore if both you and your spouse are working full time. Even if one of you takes time off of work, you may find it difficult to get the place cleaned thoroughly because it takes so much time and there is so much to do. For singles, cleaning is even worse. It is no surprise that we hear so often of busy bachelors (and bachelorettes) living in homes that are a mess. Luckily, there is a solution. A professional, residential cleaning service in Brussels can get your place fixed up in no time. It can bring back the new home feeling that you may have been missing for a while.

Trusted Home Cleaning Service in Brussels

One problem with home cleaning is that you are often not at home when the cleaners need to come in.  After all, if you had the time to sit at home doing nothing, you would have done the cleaning yourself.

This is why homeowners need a trusted residential cleaning service that gets the job done, without having to worry about missing items. Alina Cleaning has been providing professional residential in Brussels for more than a decade. Most of our cleaners have been with us for years. All of our cleaners are background checked and responsible professionals, who will make sure that your home is cleaned without any disturbance to your belongings.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen is one of the areas in your home that gets used often and most likely to get dirty. This is why we offer complete kitchen cleaning service for clients that require home cleaning. Our experts will make sure that your kitchen is cleaned thoroughly.
✔ Dishes washed and cleaned
✔ Oven and stove top will be cleaned and wiped
✔ Countertops cleared and wiped
✔ Appliances will be dusted and cleaned with a proper cloth
✔ Fridge and freezer will be cleaned inside and out
✔ Dining table, chairs and eating area cleaned and wiped
✔ Garbage and trash will be removed
✔ Cabinets and cupboards will be wiped

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms must be washed, cleaned and sanitized regularly to prevent the spread of disease and infections. However, many homeowners do not have the time to clean them properly and regularly. With the help of Alina Cleaning, you will never have to deal with a dirty bathroom again. We offer complete bathroom cleaning services in Brussels for residential clients. These include.
✔ Washing and sanitizing the toilets
✔ Cleaning the bathtub and showers with proper disinfectants
✔ Washing and sanitizing the sinks and tap ware
✔ Removal of mildew from surfaces
✔ Bathroom wall cleaning
✔ Mopping and cleaning of the floors