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Cleaning of IT Equipment

Private offices and government institutes rely heavily on digital equipment, computers and machines to do an effective job. Many of these devices are sensitive and require careful and specialized cleaning. Regular cleaning of your computers, servers and peripheral devices will help keep everything in working condition. It will also prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and keep dust from settling inside your computer systems.

Effective IT & Computer Cleaning Service in Brussels

We provide a completely professional cleaning service for all types of offices and business practices in the city.Our office and IT equipment cleaning in Brussels includes cleaning for the following areas.

✔ The reception area including receptionist desk, computer, telephone, desk, chair etc.
✔ Cleaning of all desks, workstations, screens, keyboards, power supplies, desks and accessories.
✔ Cleaning of networking devices, headsets, key pads, servers etc.

When it comes to office equipment, our professional cleaners ensure that the following components are cleaned properly.

Screens: Computer screens should be cleaned daily. Our cleaners ensure that dust is removed from the entire surface as well as the rear of the screen with a static cloth.

Keyboards: Dust, hair and food crumbs etc can fall and settle on the keys and in the area between the gaps. If they are not cleaned regularly, they can accumulate and make it difficult to use the keyboard. Our cleaners will make sure that keyboards are cleared of all accumulated debris regularly to prevent problems for users.

Telephones and Headsets: Many businesses still use telephones for employee communication while others have replaced them with headsets for VoIP calls. Both these devices should be cleaned and sanitized by our cleaners to disinfect them.

Workstations and Servers: The processing unit is a prime candidate for cleaning. It should also be vacuumed and air blown with a drier to get any dust out that has settled inside. Our servicing professionals will make sure that your workstations and servers are cleared of dust and dirt both inside and out.

Printers: Our cleaners will also remove dirt and dust from your printers including marks on the keypads, scanning area and top cover.


Steps of Effective IT Equipment Cleaning

Effective IT material cleaning requires a daily and weekly cleaning program. We understand that the needs of each office are different and cleaning schedule must be adjusted accordingly. Below are the steps that our cleaners will take while cleaning IT equipment at your workplace.
✔ Dust all surfaces such as desks, filing cabinets and cubicle walls etc.
✔ Empty all trashcans, dirt or garbage in the office.
✔ Vacuum all carpets, mats and rugs.
✔ Visually check any other areas requiring cleaning and perform a thorough cleaning job.
✔ If there are any stains or spots on the carpets, floors or desks, wipe and remove them.
✔ Wipe down desks, telephones, screens, workstations and keyboards thoroughly with a
disinfectant sprayed on to microfiber cloth.
✔ Dust mop all tiled or hard surface floors and then sweep up the debris into a dust pan.
✔ Use a wet mop to clean all hard floor surfaces.