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Cleaning after Construction Works

The city of Brussels is always expanding with new buildings being built all over the place. Commercial and residential buildings are built more frequently around the suburbs while existing buildings are upgraded more commonly in the city. Alina Cleaning service provides post-construction cleaning service for all sorts of new and existing buildings. We have a team of cleaners that are experienced in removing debris, materials and equipment from construction sites and cleaning them to a spotless condition for the arrival of homeowners.

Post Construction Cleaning Service in Brussels

We have a reliable and professional cleaning service that does a thorough job, every time. Our cleaning team is trained, experienced and qualified to carry out a safe and thorough cleaning job for our clients every time.

Our post construction cleaning services include the following.

✔ Removal of construction materials and debris from the home.
✔ Complete vacuuming of floors and drywall dust.
✔ Cleaning and wipe down of walls, bathroom and kitchen tiles etc.
✔ Dusting and cleaning of fixtures including ceiling fans.
✔ Clearing all kinds of trash from the property.
✔ Removal and cleaning of stickers and blinds from windows, walls or doors etc.
✔ Cleaning paint stains, oil marks and any other grime.
✔ Dusting and cleaning of air diffusers and vent.
✔ Cleaning of electrical switches and outlets.
✔ Wiping and cleaning of lights.
✔ Thorough cleaning of doors and windows including glass and frames.
✔ Cleaning and polishing of toilet fixtures, kitchen appliances and laundry area.
✔ Wiping and cleaning of cabinets, counters, shelves, closets and staircase.

Effective and Reliable Construction Cleaning Services

Alina Cleaning has been providing all kinds of cleaning services in Brussels for over 10 years now. Our professionals are experienced and they know how to work with the construction crew and take over cleaning duties from them. Construction material, sawdust, hardboard pieces, paint splatters and stains are just some of the things that are left behind by construction workers. Although construction workers should clean them up ideally, many contractors do not clean the place up. Our professional cleaning service will ensure that all materials are removed from the site and your home is ready for moving in. Our cleaners can get the place ready in a matter of days, depending on how much cleaning is required.