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Carpet Cleaning Services

Beautiful carpets and rugs can make your home and office look much more sophisticated Carpets add a lot of colour to a property. However, carpets are also more difficult to clean and vacuum.This is because the fabric soaks up water and liquid stains. Dust particles can also get trapped between the fibres. Every time people walk over a dirty carpet, they press the dust down into the fabric. Millions of tiny dust particles grind against the surface and settle into the yarn making it difficult to get it out. Vacuuming the carpet only removes some of the dust that is lying on the surface and between the fibres. It doesn’t remove the dirt settled deep inside the carpet or stains that have absorbed into the fabric.In order to clean the carpet completely, you need to do a thorough job. Our professionals provide a high quality carpet cleaning service in Brussels. We use dry cleaning and steam carpet cleaning methods that are very effective for getting even the toughest stains out.

Effective Carpet Cleaning

Chemical and water spills on your carpet can cause deep stains. Over time, these stains can accumulate and become quite difficult to get rid of. Stains of coffee, alcohol, oil and other chemicals can look awful and completely ruin the appeal of the carpet. Alina Cleaning uses advanced cleaning technology that completely gets rid of stains and dirt from your carpet. We use the latest equipment and advanced machinery to do a thorough job. We employ experienced professional that provide effective carpet cleaning in Brussels. Our specialists will remove dust, dirt, hair, stains, bacteria, foul odours and anything else that might be trapped inside your carpet fibres. Our professionals ensure that carpets are completely dried of excess water or chemicals and no residue is left behind.

High Customer Satisfaction

Experts recommend using steam cleaning for your carpets and upholstery at least once every year. It makes your office and home look cleaner and also extends the life of your carpets and furniture.We offer a quick and easy carpet cleaning service at competitive prices. All our professionals are qualified, trained and have many years of cleaning experience. We provide one-time and regular cleaning. Contracts are flexible and based on customer needs and requirements. At Alina Cleaning, customer satisfaction is our first priority. This is why we are considered the number one carpet cleaning service in Brussels.

Carpet Cleaning for Your Home and Office

Many cleaning companies still rely on outdated equipment and cleaning techniques. Ineffective treatment methods don’t clean carpets a thoroughly as they should.We use steam-based dirt and stain extraction technique which is very effective for cleaning carpets. This method has the best chance to help restore a carpet to its original look. The treatment can be used for homes, offices or any other carpet cleaning requirement.This cleaning method involves heating water to a very high temperature in a boiler and then spraying it over the carpet surface with a hose. Spraying the pressured steam over the carpet causes the fibres to loosen up. The grime and stains are then sucked out of the carpet leaving it thoroughly cleaned.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Research shows that hot water extraction gives the best carpet cleaning possible compared to any other method. Dry chemical cleaning can leave a residue on the carpet. Multiple treatments may cause the carpet to lose its original colour. Steam cleaning is much better than dry cleaning or regular vacuuming. It specifically targets the soils and stains on your carpet, which form after years of air pollution, cooking vapours, spills and dust particles. These impurities cause the colour of the carpet to become dull and make it appear darker.